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Benefits of our products:

  • ✅Natural ingredients
  • ✅Handmade
  • ✅Moisturizing
  • ✅Skin soothing properties
  • ✅Great aromas
  • ✅Great for skin conditions

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Watch below as we use our Lavanilla Emulsified Sugar Scrub. The gentle exfoliation forms a moisturizing lotion as it is massaged in to the skin. Exfoliation is good to help smooth the skin, get rid of dead skin, as well as encourage skin cell turnover. You can exfoliate 2-3 days a week to maintain soft smooth, moisturized skin. Our sugar scrubs include shea butter as well as natural oils.

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"This Cashmere body butter is so pretty and smells and feels good without being super greasy"- Jenae C. "I love this baby love oil, I use it all over my baby!" Keta B. "Great presentation, Cashmere is on my must have list!" Carolyn M.

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