Sugar Scrubs

Our hand crafted sugar scrubs provide a gentle exfoliation while leaving the skin soft and moisturized. Sugars scrubs can be used to brighten dry skin, and promote skin that will look healthy and smooth with glow!

Shea butter has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties for flawless skin. Sesame seed oil is packed with vitamin E which assists in protecting skin cells from environmental damage and also has properties that act as an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. Grapeseed oil has properties that assist with maintaining the skins elasticity, softness, and moisture retention. Sugar is used as a gentle exfoliate to assist in cell turnover.

Our sugar scrubs include a preservative to reduce the chances of mold and bacteria growth as water is usually introduced into the product however keep water out of the product. Our preservative is free from parabens and formaldehydes.

We recommend doing a skin patch allergy test prior to full use of the product. Essential oils are used in some of these products, consult with your physician if you have concerns with its use.